This takes spotting to a different level. Larry “Wheels” Williams recently manhandled bodybuilder and YouTube personality Zac Perna during a training session the two posted on Instagram.

Perna, an Australian personal trainer, is by no means a small guy, but he’s absolutely dwarfed by Wheels’ massive stature. The two were training at The WareHouse Gym in Dubai. Perna has been documenting his journey on YouTube, so there’s no doubt we’ll see more of him and Wheels in the near future.

Wheels, meanwhile, is training for the July 6 “Giants Live: Wembley” show, where he’ll hope to qualify for World’s Strongest Man 2020 through a series of strength competitions.

Seeing as he’s able to easily curl what Perna benches, we have no doubt Wheels will do well in London. Whether he’ll be able to go on to defeat reigning WSM Martins Licis remains to be seen.