For fifty-year-old computer technician Michael Drysch, the Miami Heat’s home matchup against Detroit last night was far from your ordinary NBA game. First, he walked away with an extra $75,000 in his pocket. Then in all the excitement that ensued, he was mauled (in a good way) by the one and only Lebron James.

It all took place between periods at the Heat-Piston’s game where Drysch was plucked from the crowd to take the big shot. In this particular scenario, it was part of a contest sponsored by LeBron James’ foundation.

The crowd watched with amusement as Drysch launched the ball with less than stellar form from half court. Their amusement quickly turned to stunned disbelief as the ball swished through the net. The basketball had barely hit its mark before James was all over Drysch, celebrating with him on the court as the packed American Airlines Arena went wild.

“When he wound up I was like, ‘Oh no, there’s no way,'” James said. “When it dropped, that was awesome. I would have probably air-balled that one in that situation.”

“That was crazy,” Heat guard Dwyane Wade said. “The place erupted. It was like it was when we won the finals.

While Drysch admitted to practicing that long distance shot, he said he only made it “maybe one percent of the time”. Looks like he picked the right time to make it.