With gang violence and crime among youths on the rise, new socially responsible sportswear brand LUTA and founder Luke Dowdney are baring their knuckles. Providing training wear to weightlifters, boxers, MMA fighters, and trainers, LUTA gives 50% of its profits to a non-profit organization, Fight for Peace, which is now extending its use of boxing and martial arts combined with youth support programs, to help young people across New York City.

The LUTA message is simple: by buying LUTA sportswear and committing to getting fit, Muscle & Fitness readers can also commit to helping young people in communities impacted by crime and violence —starting today.   

Supported by a team of ambassadors, including heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua, LUTA has recently launched here in the U.S. To Mark Their stateside beginnings, LUTA hand-picked four New York area gyms: Brotherhood Boxing Club in Queens, The Fight Back Martial Arts Program in the Bronx, Starrett City Boxing Gym in Brooklyn, and CHAMPS in New Rochelle. Called The Life Changing Project, this initiative will strengthen each gym’s ability to offer boxing and martial arts coaching, as well their capacity to provide life skills such as education and career mentoring to students.