Road rage is one of the most common catalysts for fighting with a complete stranger, and we’ve all experienced the sudden burst of rage when someone cuts you off.

But in this dashcam video the attacker takes “pissed off” to a whole new level—pulling out a baseball bat and squaring up on the unarmed motorist.

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We know what you’re thinking: Normally the guy with the Lousiville Slugger wins, but this time the bat-wielding man picked the wrong fight.

Undeterred, the unarmed motorist leans back and delivers a vicious KO punch to the man’s chin, sending him into the bushes.

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The unconscious man’s friend then decides to challenge the guy. Clearly not learning from his buddy’s mistake, he gets put to sleep as well, via a rear chokehold.

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The triumphant motorist then goes back into his car, mounts the curb, and high tails out of there—leaving a scene of carnage in his wake.

Looks like justice was served the old-fashioned way—with a brilliant dose of instant karma.