Mark Wahlberg is undoubtedly one of the fittest men in Hollywood, but from the look of his recent Instagram posts, he’s getting more shredded by the day.

Marky Mark has been doing the F45 Challenge—an eight-week program from F45 Training that combines meal planning and six 45-minute HIIT sessions per week to help people achieve their bodyweight goals. Earlier this year, Wahlberg bought a minority stake in the global fitness franchise that began in Australia, and he’s clearly gotten a return on his investment in more ways than one.

Just take a look at the 48-year-old actor here:


In his post, Wahlberg reminds us that “#ageisjustanumber,” and that you can be crazy fit no matter how old you are. He also notes that he hasn’t had wine in 54 days (poor guy).

He received plenty of love for the photo—including from actor Mario Lopez, who commented, “Show em what fellas in their 40’s are all about.”

But the comment that caught our eye came from fellow fitness freak and New Englander Tom Brady.

“We are looking for some skill players,” the six-time Super Bowl champion commented. Whalberg, who played a Philadelphia Eagles quarterback in the movie Invincible, said he’s willing to ship up to Boston. “@tombrady let coach know I’m coming for that spot!” Watching him catch Hail Mary passes from Brady would be quite a sight.

Rob Deutsch, founder of F45 Training, also dropped some appreciation on the post. “Holy Moly!!!!! Marky baby,” he commented, along with plenty of muscle emojis.

If the actor’s abs aren’t enough inspiration for you to get off your butt and into the gym, his Instagram offers an endless supply of workout routines and photos. For extra dedication points, try starting your days before the crack of dawn like he does.