Conor McGregor is the clearly the underdog in his upcoming bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr., but that appears to have only affected his training for the better. 

He recently posted the video below which features him emptying the tank on an upper-body ergometer. This machine is great for warming up shoulders, or in the case of McGregor getting in a killer upper-body cardiovascular workout. Mayweather is no easy target, and routinely goes all 12 rounds, which means McGregor needs to be able to swing for the entirety of the bout. 

He decided to roll with the caption, “If he dies. He dies.” paying homage to Rocky IV’s Ivan Drago

Last week he posted a training video in which we got to see some of his boxing skills. 

“The Notorious” also recruited former critique and boxing champ Paulie Malignaggi to be his chief sparring partner, according to

McGregor clearly doesn’t plan on going quietly into the night, and hopefully will give us an entertaining fight on August 26.