Throughout the years there have been some incredible Super Bowls . From last second winnng touchdowns to game changing, big plays, there’s usually a few memorable moments that make for a great game. So, which Super Bowls  rank among the best games to be played over the past 46 years? Clearly there’s lots from which to choose, but we narrowed down the cream of the crop to the 5 best Super Bowl games. 

We’ll stand by our selections, but of course there’s always room for debate. Let us know which games you think we missed. Here’s our top 5 picks.


#5 – Super Bowl XIII –Pittsburgh Steelers 35, Dallas Cowboys 31

In this 1978 classic, two of the leagues most dominant teams of the 70s went toe-to-toe in a tight game filled with big plays. Jackie Smith’s dropped touchdown pass and Lynn Swann’s signature catch, may be remembered as the game’s biggest plays, but these two great teams traded punches in an action packed 28-point fourth quarter.



#4 – Super Bowl III -N.Y. Jets 16, Baltimore Colts 7

Not a lot of scoring in this Super Bowl, but the drama was high thanks to Joe Namath’s ballsy upset prediction a few days before the game. Broadway Joe made good on his guarantee, leading the New York Jets to their only Super Bowl title against the heavily favored Baltimore Colts. Namath was named the game’s MVP.


#3 – Super Bowl XXXIV -St. Louis Rams  23, Tennessee Titans 16

On the final play of the game, the Tennessee Titans came up just a half yard short from tying the game and sending it to overtime. With all the momentum on their side after trailing 16 -0, McNair marched the Titans down the field for what appeared to be the tying score. However, Ram’s linebacker Mike Jones made a game saving tackle on receiver Kevin Dyson inches shy of the goal line as time ran out to preserve the lead., and earn the St. Louis Rams their first Super Bowl championship. 


#2 – Super Bowl XLII -NY Giants 17, New England Patriots 14

Many would argue the Eli Manning to David Tyree 32-yard pass completion was the greatest single play in Super Bowl history. Four plays later, Manning connected with Plaxico Burress for the New York Giants game winning TD with just seconds left, shocking the football world and ending New England’s quest of the perfect season. 


#1 – Super Bowl XLIII -Pittsburgh Steelers 27, Arizona Cardinals 23

This game was filled with big plays and high drama, but the one that changed all the momentum, and likely the outcome was Pittsburgh Steelers NFL defensive MVP James Harrison’s amazing 100-yard interception return for a touchdown. Still, Kurt Warner and the underdog Arizona Cardinals refused to throw in the towel, and fought back to take the lead. It looked like the classic Cinderella story, until Big Ben Roethlisberger drove the Steelers down the field in the final minutes, eventually hooking up with Santonio Holmes for the game winning touchdown catch in the corner of the end zone.