Mike O’Hearn Inducted into Masters Hall of Fame

The four-time Natural Mr. Universe, two-time California Judo Champion and American Gladiator speaks about his induction into the annals of top martial artists.

mike ohearn masters hall of fame inductee

On August 1st 2014, Mike O’Hearn was inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame for  “recognizing excellence in Martial Arts.” The ceremony, which took place in Long Beach, California, celebrated its 50th year as well.  O’Hearn who has been a prominent figure in the world of fitness had this to say about his induction.

“I am honored and overwhelmed with gratitude at the realization that tonight marks my formal induction into the Masters Hall of Fame, recognizing my achievements and devotion to the Martial Arts. I am humbled to be a part of such a rich historic tradition and to stand on the same podium as some of the greatest sensei, athletes, and fighters the world has ever known. I am excited like a kid on Christmas morning! I want to personally thank all of my fans, colleagues, friends, and family for sharing this truly special moment with me. Strength and Honor always, Sensei Mike O’Hearn.”

To learn more about O’Hearn visit his website, and be sure to look for his power bodybuilding column every month in our magazine.

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