It’s bad enough the Minnesota Vikings were booted out of the playoffs by Green Bay last weekend. To add insult to injury, this Viking jersey wearing reporter, Lee Valsvik from KARE-11 took a wicked hit from her cameraman in a bit that obviously went wrong. During a segment on the rooftop of Union Restaurant in Minneapolis on Saturday, some genius got the idea to add a little excitement to the live report.

The intention was to have a restaurant worker throw a football to one of the cameramen who would then run past Valsvik for a touchdown. And although it might have went off without a hitch during the practice run, it didn’t go nearly a smooth during the live bit, as the lumbering camerman plows over Valsvik, slamming her into a table before hitting the floor. Fortunately for Valsvik no serious harm was done. If you listen closely you can hear her assuring her TV viewers by yelling, “I’m okay!” just before the segment ends.