It goes without saying MMA fighters put their health and well-being on the line every time they step into the ring. In a recently resurfaced video from XFC International 3 in Brazil in March 2014, health was definitely a worry as one esteemed striker nearly took his opponent’s head clear off. 

In the video, you see MMA fighter Luis Santos delivering an absolutely ferocious kick to the chin of Alfredo Morales that knocks Morales out cold upon impact. The lightening-quick strike hit his chin with pinpoint accuracy, crumpling the Mexican fighter to floor like a heap of bricks.

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Althought the video is just about three years old, users on the social media site Reddit this past week have been circulating the brutal knockout online.

So, thank you Reddit. We may now bask in the glory of this wonderfully crafted kick to the face, which has to be one of the most impressive knockouts in MMA history.