On Saturday, September 28, four champion kickboxers will throw out their best one-two shots at GLORY 10. The four-man middleweight tournament will be held at the Citizens Bank Arena in Los Angeles, California. To be clear, these guys are not planning any ordinary takedowns; they are itching to cause some legendary knockouts in the hopes to take home the win and the massive $150,000 paycheck that comes with it. Saturday’s line-up is one ass-kicking performance you don’t want to miss.

Not familiar with GLORY? No problem. GLORY is the world’s premier league of kickboxing, and GLORY 10 is like the NFL playoffs. So yeah, if you were wondering, this tournament is a big deal.

Let’s break down the competition: First, world-ranked number-two kickboxer, Steve ‘The Surgeon’ Wakeling, of the UK, will be facing off against Joe ‘Stitch Em Up’ Schilling. Second, world-ranked number-one kickboxer, Artem ‘The Lion’ Levin, of Russia, will be gritting his teeth as he’s thrown in the ring with Jason ‘Tyson’ Wilnis, a young Dutch fighter. The names may be a bit off the wall, but the fights promise to be anything but silly. The four kickboxers are a sampling of the best fighters from around the world, which means GLORY 10 is getting ready to serve up some serious brawls on an international stage.

Joe Schilling has had his sights set on fighting both Steve Wakeling and Artem Levin for years now, making this his chance to take them both down in one night. Schiling is boasting no mercy when it comes to Saturday’s event, saying, “If I knock ‘em down once, I’m coming to knock ‘em down twice.”

Four incredible competitors, two highly anticipated rivalries, and one major pay-off make this event a must-see.

See GLORY 10 Los Angeles live at the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario or watch it on CBS Sports Network. Check local listings.

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