New York Surfing Newbie Caught In Winter Storm Stella, Gives Epic Interview

NYC's PIX 11 interviewed one brave soul who decided to surf "for the first time" during the year's worst winter storm.

How about Winter Storm Stella? The storm may not have totaled to the amount of snow we were expecting, but the “nor’easter” winds were able to produce strong and powerful waves along the east coast.

And, while most residents were shacked up in their homes, this New York surfer, who goes by the name Adam, took advantage of the best waves of the season.

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Adam, who was “surfing for the first time” said although the waves were a bit sloppy, he definitely enjoyed his first outing and would surf again.

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Whether Adam was joking to NYC's PIX 11 camera crew about being a first-timer or he’s actually insane, this brave soul wins the day.

Good man Adam, the world needs more people like you.

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