Old Man Draining Free Throws Makes Guy Doing Handstand Look Foolish

You'd think the guy doing handstand pushups on barbells is the star of this video, but you'd be wrong.

This took off on the Internet over the weekend, and not for the reason most people would expect. 

In the video, you can see a man performing handstand pushups on two mountainous stacks of nine dumbbells.

While his pushups are a remarkable feat—albeit a very unnecessary and insanely dangerous one—he was not the man who stole the show.

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If you take a look in the background, you'll see the real legend of this story; enter the elderly man.

While the idiotic acrobat is performing his stunt, the truly remarkable grandpa straight drains free throws right behind him, like a savage.

Yes, grandpa, you just made a man look foolish.