When U.S. Olympic bobsledder Johnny Quinn got trapped in his bathroom in Sochi, Russia over the weekend, it was a dramatic battle of man versus door.

It’s easy to say man won.

And that’s no surprise considering the former football player’s intense training regimen in preparation for bobsledding in the Olympics, which he shares with fans on his Instagram and Twitter. As you will quickly see, he seems to have two go-to exercises.

The bobsled pusher is to provide the explosive start that the team needs to propel the sled down the track. The job requires serious leg work and then some.

Quinn was a star of football and track at the University of Texas and dreamed of playing in the NFL. He was signed by the Bills in 2007 but later released, and a year later played preseason for the Green Bay Packers but fell short of the final roster. A spell in the CFL with the Saskatchewan Roughriders ended after he sustained an ACL injury, but in 2010 he was given a shot with the U.S. bobsled team, and he has not looked back, making the cut for the U.S. Olympic team last month.

As well as literally tearing down the obstacles in front if him, Quinn is a great example of a guy who adapted to a career-ending injury in his number one sport by applying himself to becoming one of the elite in a completely different discipline. That takes guts and serious dedication. More power to you, Johnny, and we hope you and your teammates get on the podium next week! Here is his take on the door incident:

If you thought that was unlucky, Quinn and his teammates got stuck in an elevator not long after.

Here are some of Quinn’s workout shots:

It looks like the 30-year-old likes to squat:

Did we mention he likes to squat?

One More time:

Along with the power clean (this is how Quinn celebrated New Year’s Day).

Here is the man himself talking about his final preparations and goals for the Games:

Check out this excellent New York Times video with Chris Fogt which goes into some detail of the gym work needed, and check out the Times’ Fogt Q&A for an excellent and indepth look at how he prepares for competition.