Competing in the Olympic Games might seem like a glamorous stage where athletes are showered with accolades, but the truth is that the majority of Olympians make very little money. In this generation of social media and viral campaigns, some resourceful athletes are turning to crowdsourced funding to make sure their family can make it to the Games to cheer them on.

Five speedskaters who will be representing the USA in Sochi, Russia this year have turned to fundraising site GoFundMe to ask their fans and supporters to donate money to make sure their families can make the trip to Sochi to cheer them on. Of them, only Emily Scott has hit her goal. 

Jordan Malone of Denton, TX, Jonathan Garcia of Houston, TX, and Joey Mantia and Kyle Carr, both from Salt Lake City, UT are still hoping to get some last-minute support to get their loved ones out to Russia to watch them compete for their country on the biggest sports stage on earth. 

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