In a teaser of an upcoming documentary about Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, the 23-year-old star shows the kind of competitive streak that typifies elite athletes who crave to win, whether it be on the gridiron or in the gym. The 2012 Pro Bowler looks like he has rehabbed well from the knee injury that derailed the end of his last season.

“I am a competitive guy, so if I see something and I feel I can obtain it, then I am going to go for it. Even if I didn’t think I could beat those guys, I was going to try anyway,” he says during the clip. The 2013 Redskins Strongman competition consisted of the push-up, sit-up, pull-ups, hammer bench and hammer row. RGIII took a look at his competition, assessed what he needed to do, and then went out and crushed it.

The documentary, an NFL Films and Gatorade Productions venture, is called Will to Win, and runs with the tag line: “It’s not about a knee. It’s about a heart.” It is set to air on ESPN on August 27.

As our friends as SB Nation point out, RGIII’s pull-up technique could do with a little tweaking. Check it out here and let us know what you think!