No one loves the number 69 as much as New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. In fact, he loves it so much so that he struggled earlier this year to hold a straight face as he joked about the number to the media before his 69th touchdown.

Just look at way he giggles like a teenager when he says, “If you know what I mean.”

But Gronk took his love for ’69’ to another level during a high school basketball game during his junior year, as WPRI reports. And forewarning, this is probably the greatest fix you will ever hear in all of sports.

“So we’re playing a home game and we have 68 points – now it’s not a blowout, but it’s not a particularly close game either. So he (Gronkowski) gets fouled and goes to the free throw line. He hits the first one to get us to 69 and the place goes nuts because he’s playing into it. On his next free throw, he purposely chucks the ball off the backboard and misses so the score would stay at 69 and then runs back on defense pointing at the scoreboard,” says Chuck Swierski, Gronk’s former basketball coach at Williamsville North High School (NY).

Nailed it. 

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And, if you aren’t yet convinced Gronk is the definition of a “bro”, check out what he wrote down in the school’s media guide.

Gronk 2

Yep. “Working out, playing sports, chicks.” Quick, somebody give this man a medal.