Rob Gronkowski, or ‘Gronk’ as many NFL fans call him, is known for a lot of things from football to his famous touchdown celebration, The Gronk Spike. And yet with his team one win away from its fifth Super Bowl victory, the NFL star has hinted that his ambitions stretch far beyond the gridiron.

According to The Daily News, sources close to Gronk say he is reportedly eyeing a career in action films similar to that of the world famous Fast and Furious actor, Jason Statham.

“He says that he loves the action scenes and likes the idea of protecting people,” the insider said. “He sees action movies as his thing.” 

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In an interview back in June, with Entertainment Weekly, Gronk talked more about his affinity towards The Transporter action star. “I love the action movies. I would love to be part of those,” he said. “I like all action movies, but the ones with Jason Statham are always my favorite.”

Who knows? Gronk might be the next Statham? After all, Statham was a former athlete himself, competing for England as a competitive diver before he got his big break in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. It’s all too soon to tell, but keep an eye out for Tom Brady’s favorite receiver.

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The New England Patriots tight end is next set to appear in the action movie American Violence, check out the trailer below.