Hugh Jackman and The Rock are having a little inspiration face-off on Instagram. The Rock, who recently starred as Hercules on the big screen, posted a video and message of himself getting ready to hit the gym in very inclement weather. “Wolverine would go.. #HurricaneSeason #ThunderAndLightning #FindAWay #SomewhereBlackAdamIsSmiling”

Jackman, who followed this Wolverine workout to get in shape to play the character, was quick to reply. “Hey DJ. It’s 5:45am in NYC. No hurricane …..just time to FOCUS!!!!! @TheRock.”

Let’s not forget, Jackman is 45 and The Rock is 42 years young. Both could be kicking back and enjoying the considerable fruits of their labor. But are they? Hell no, one is up well before the sun grinding it in the gym, while the other is oblivious to a hurricane because he has to get down to the gym to get his workout done. So, what’s your excuse?