Whether you’re a fan of The Rock, Zac Efron or the hit 90’s show Baywatch, you’re in luck because the remake will take place on the big screen sometime next year. So now that the leading men have been cast, what about the girls? No official word yet, but according to The Rock’s end-of-Instagram teaser, you can bet there will be plenty of eye-candy for the gents. Here’s what Johnson had to say about the much-anticipated movie.


“Cool to see the INSANE global reaction to our announcement yesterday for Zac Efron to co-star with me in BAYWATCH. Clearly he’s one unattractive sumbitch but he’s a great dude who’s ready to make something epic. BAYWATCH is the most successful TV property of all time, so I’m fired up to produce it along with my long time producing partner Beau Flynn @flynnpictureco and legendary Ivan Reitman. Director Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses, Identity Thief) has a dope vision and is ready to roll. Over the past few years I’ve taken careful steps with this franchise cause we want to do it right – big, fun, global, sexy and bad ass mixed in with “This is my beach bitch” kind of RATED R comedy. We’ll start shooting at the top of 2016 and one more thing.. just wait ’til you see who we cast for our girls….” #WhoWantsToBeSaved? #MouthToMouthForEverybody