The Rock Explains Why Black Adam will Actually be a Superhero

In a Q&A on Dwayne Johnson’s Youtube channel he gave us a little insight on his view of his upcoming comic book inspired role, Black Adam.

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Every month The Rock releases a Q&A video on his Youtube channel where he simply answers questions posed to him from Youtube comments. The highlight from his latest session was of his first role in the DC cinematic universe as Black Adam. For those unaware of this new project Black Adam will be serving as the anti-hero in the upcoming Shazam! film.

Black Adam may not be the most popular character among casual fans, but don’t worry, he has a wide range of powers, including superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and wisdom, as well as expert skills in hand-to-hand combat.

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In the Q&A he also talked about if he sends nudes, his favorite “pie” and much more.

For his other film, Fighting With My Family is already in progress as he shot a couple of scenes, “that reflected my real life pivotal conversations I had with Paige. Very interesting to relive and shoot those moments,” according to Dwayne Johnson. In addition, he noted that production will be making an appearance at Raw tonight to shoot some of the scenes in the movie at the Staples Center.

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In case you were wondering, Johnson still continues to find time to hit the gym with his hectic schedule. Here he posted a funny video from Iron Paradise gym, where he managed to blockade the windows for an uninterrupted workout.