Lip Sync Battle premiered on Thursday night on Spike, and the producers of the show gave it its best chance of doing well by making sure The Rock was on the roster. The idea for the show came from a segment of the same name on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and the chat show host also took part in the debut episode. With LL Cool J and Chrissy Teigen as co-hosts, the scene was set for a fun time, and The Rock did not disappoint.

It has been a hectic week for the Furious 7 star. Not only did The Rock host SNL for the fourth time last weekend, he immediately jumped in a plane to the West Coast to appear at Wrestlemania 31 with Ronda Rousey against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Since then, he has been on a busy promotional tour to hype up the latest episode of the F&F franchise, which opens in theaters today. Anyway, back to Lip Sync Battle. The Rock decided to perform Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off,” and it was spectacular. It also caught the eye of some folks on Twitter, including former M&F cover subject Terry Crews, who said:

Check out The Rock in full Taylor Swift mode, with a little Dwayne Johnson attitude thrown in half way through the performance.