As if we didn’t already think he had the craziest schedule on earth, The Rock gave us a glimpse of his upcoming year in one of his recent Instagram posts. If you are an avid follower of his (as we are), then you’d know that his alarm is set to 4am every day for his daily workout. That’s because he’s got to stay in shape while still fitting in his crazy shooting schedule.

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Currently, he’s working on wrapping up season 2 of BALLERS then heading straight to a 12-week filming for the Baywatch movie. After that, he heads right into shooting Fast and Furious 8 for about 12-14 weeks. Once FF8 is wrapped, he transitions into the Rampage movie, based on the classic video game, but not before heading to the San Diego Wildlife Preserve and the Anti-Poaching Units in Africa to really entrench himself and research the role.

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Despite the hectic nature of his year ahead, he notes that it “pales in comparison to the most daunting, gratifying and holy shit scary role of all – being a father”. Well, we’ll give it to him—he’s got a lot on his plate and seems to be handling it pretty darn well. 

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2016 breakdown of my shooting schedule (while maintaining relationships and being dad and daddy to the most awesome daughters in the world) and why I'm up at 4am everyday to train (aside from being slightly bat shit crazy). Once we wrap season 2 of #BALLERS (4 weeks left), the next day I'll start shooting our “little" beach movie called #BAYWATCH (literally THE most successful TV intellectual property of all time – so the pressure is on – bring it). After a 12 week #BAYWATCH shoot, I'll go right into shooting #FastAndFurious8. We're a family, and playing the character of HOBBS is one of my greatest joys and I'll make the promise to ya right now: I'm stepping on that set ready to rumble and raise the bar on all levels: The intensity, the tactical gear/weapons and especially that "Hobbs' winking fun". Since Fast & Furious 5, you've made HOBBS the highest testing character for a reason – and we're gonna give new meaning to the catchphrase, "Daddy's gotta go to work." After approximately 12-14 weeks of shooting FF8, I'll transition right into the big one… #RAMPAGE. Before we start shooting I'll spend time at the San Diego Wildlife Preserve as well with Anti-Poaching Units out of Africa. As big and fun as this movie is, the key is grounding it in research and authenticity. The entire team that brought you San Andreas is back and we can't wait to get started on this one. King Kong is just a little monkey compared to what these massive RAMPAGING ANIMALS can do. Now of course the universe can step in at anytime and throw a flag on the play, but as you see there's a method to my madness of 4am wake ups for cardio & training hard – it anchors my day and allows me to 100% focus and prep for these roles – and the irony of this whole thing is all these roles pale in comparison to the most daunting, gratifying and holy shit scary role of all – being a father. But that's for another fun discussion. And I close this long ass post with a question anyone who just trained calves would ask… do I or do I not have gum stuck on the bottom of my shoe? ? #Method2TheMadness #HardestWorkersInTheRoom #ChaseYourGreatness #AndCheckYourShoesForGum ???

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