Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s work is never done.

Hot off of finishing filming for his film Rampage last week, Johnson took to Instagram to declare that he needs to lose 10lbs in preparation for his next role in the action movie Skyscraper.

Johnson also gave his fans a bit of advice — “A lil’ success reminder I’ve learned over the years – it’s easier to work hard when there’s a lot of people around watching you. The X- factor that’ll set you apart is the hard work you put in when no one is around and you’re all alone. That’s a difference maker.”

Skyscraper is a film that Johnson describes as “Die Hard meets Towering Inferno,” in which he plays an army vet who needs to save his family from a fire in a massive skyscraper in China. It will be in theaters nationwide on July 13, 2018.