While everyone was peeping through homemade cereal box eclipse viewers and snapping pictures and videos to document the rare celestial event, “The Rock” revealed a secret truth he’d been hiding from us all along.

“After years of speculation, after years of you guys predicting it, this is special, I am in fact causing an eclipse. The first human ever to cause…I’m sure 22 inches of heaven right there [points to arm] has something to do with it. I mean, or maybe my, well, my sexiness [laughs]. God delivered and I signed for it,” Johnson says in his Instagram video below. 

As he stares up at the sun with his Ray-Bans (not his eclipse-safe eyewear, tisk tisk), he comments, “Looks like the moon. Is that the moon? Nah, you know what? It’s me. Shit, I think it’s the moon. Kind of embarrassing.”