The Rock's Message to 'Muscle & Fitness'

Dwayne Johnson posts a photo of all his M&F covers with a special note on what the magazine means to him.

The Rock M&F Covers Image

The Rock just made our month with this brilliant post on Instagram. Johnson lined up every issue of M&F in which he has been featured on the cover, and accompanied it with this note on the role the magazine has played in his life.

"From Arnold to Eastwood to Lee Haney - I idolized these men who graced this cover. As a punk kid, I didn't know whether I was gonna succeed in life or fall flat on my pimply face, but after reading this magazine I knew one thing.. I would always be the hardest worker in the room. Honored to be on this month's cover. God bless the IronBible, Weider Principles and my f*cked up calloused hands."

Now, what's your excuse?

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