Expendables 3 start Ronda Rousey laid down a marker of her ambition in a June interview with M&F, in which she told us that not only does she want to emulate The Rock‘s success, she also wants to best him. Check out a preview from the interview in our September issue, on newsstands Aug. 18:


How do you balance staying on top in the UFC while pursuing a mainstream acting career?

I refuse to put limits on myself. I don’t do anything half-assed. I don’t care if you’re the heavyweight champion of the UFC–I’ll never say I can’t beat you, because that puts limits on me. The Rock came from WWE and was the highest-grossing actor in the world last year. I don’t think it’s unrealistic for me to set goals like that for myself as well. I’ve already had two championship fights since making my first movies, so I’ve proved that I can do both.


That is fighting talk from Rousey, given that she has only had co-starring roles in her three-movie career to date (Entourage, F&F7 and Expendables 3), but this is the same lady who not only brought women fighting to the UFC, but also became one of the sport’s marquee stars. To get an idea of how driven Rousey is, check out the excellent ESPN short film below on how she made her UFC dream a reality.

However, we have to pose the crucial question: Can Rousey be as funny as The Rock? The one and only Mr. Johnson posted this clip to his Twitter account this week, and it is pretty hilarious:

Check out the Rousey feature: