Footage has emerged showing a self-described “Shaolin monk” seemingly unfazed after taking an astonishing amount of blows to the head during an MMA bout. Though the video surfaced on Reddit in 2012, the Internet has revived this gem once again—possibly as a response to last week’s video of an MMA fighter destroying a Tai Chi master.

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The man in this video, Shaolin Yi Long, does not go to the ground after getting socked in the face numerous times by his opponent. In fact, it almost appears as if Long wanted his opponent, Brad Riddell, to beat his face to a pulp in hopes of tiring him out because the video clearly shows Long standing motionless, dropping his gloves, and leaving his entire face and body exposed. 

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As you see in the video, Riddell throws his entire body into his strikes while Long is just straight-up chilling. Withstanding the hits, Long barely flinches, as if it were his intent to taunt the man, and proceeds to lunge toward Riddell in a counter attack. Though Long’s ability to take that sort of beating seems almost supernatural, Riddell wound up winning the contest via unanimous decision.

But it’s OK because Long won over everyone’s hearts. He is a living example of mind over matter.