Anyone catch the shirt off competition between Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley on TNT on Tuesday? A few months back O’Neal got sick of Barkley, who has shed pounds in recent months on the Weight Watchers diet, teasing him about his girth.

O’Neal duly challenged Barkley to a shirt off on May 15 and the two disrobed to show the results. Kenny Smith’s commentary on the proceedings were right on mark.

On Barkley he said, “You’ve been losing weight but you haven’t been working out.” When it came to judging he added: “You’ve got half a pack!”

Shaq’s t-shirt tear to reveal a decent torso with very, ahem, pronounced abs was enough to get him the win. Smith claimed that he was using makeup, while Shaq said he just got his tattoos covered up.

For big men of a certain age, it takes some balls to strip down in front of the nation. While they won’t be winning any bodybuilding competitions anytime soon, we salute them for giving us a good laugh and being good sports!