MMA superstar Anderson Silva paid the price for showboating at UFC 162 when be was brutally knocked out by Chris Weidman with 1:18 gone in the second round of their fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Silva spent most of the first stanza taunting and remonstrating with Weidman, who is more noted as a wrestler and a not a boxer, to punch more so that he could counter.

However, Weidman did not get sucked into the trap and stayed disciplined, throwing some shots but not getting reckless. Indeed, Silva was the one who got reckless when, after pretending to be jelly legged, he stood in front of Weidman with his guard down. Silva dodged three punches, but Weidman finally connected with a left hook and it was lights out for the Brazilian. The American pounded Silva with a right on the chin on the ground before the fight was stopped, and a new UFC middleweight champion was born.

Though Silva, who drops to 33-5 after this defeat, told Joe Rogan after the fight that he needed a break and wouldn’t take part in any more title fights, UFC president Dana White is confident that the two fighters will meet in a rematch.

Earlier on the undercard, former Muscle & Fitness cover subject Tim Kennedy marked his UFC debut with a unanimous decision win over Roger Gracie in a three round middleweight fight.

The post-fight interview: