Somebody Stole $60,000 Worth of Dildos From a London Sex Toy Company

Where in the world are these sex toys? It's up to you to help.

Woman with Hand Cuffs
Peter Dazeley / Getty

What do you get when you combine the world’s leading sex toy companies with a room full of sex toy enthusiasts?

The biggest sex toy heist in history. (Apparently, someone is keeping track of this stuff.) It occurred last week at the Venus Berlin, an event that brings the most innovate erotic toy makers from all over the world together under one roof. Find yourself suddenly booking a flight to Berlin?

The dirty little thieves got away with $60,000—we repeat: $60,000—in stolen dildos and butt plugs made by Fun Toys London, according to The Cut. Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Perhaps it’s time to break into the sex toy market.

Fun Toys posted on its Facebook shortly after with a picture from the scene of the crime. Thankfully, the criminals saw no value in the company’s Erotix Awards 2017, and left it behind as a consolation prize.

The company is assuming these stolen sex toys will be popping up on black market sites, so if you’re perusing, I mean accidentally open the link to a toy being sold by an unauthorized dealer, please inform Fun Toys. There are no small dildos here, just small acts of kindness.