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Strengthening The Will to Win



At times life throws that left hook out of nowhere. Getting hit so hard the knees buckle, dropping face first to the canvas. You lay physically, mentally, emotionally exhausted. Then suddenly, you hear that little inner voice whisper - get up! One more round! Somehow, you find it within yourself to reach for the ropes and pull yourself up. 

Jill Tellefen-Crean knows this all to well. Fitness enthusiast, NPC competitor, and two time cancer survivor, she has a will made of steel, and the attitude of a true champion. At 22, Jill was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma - a six inch tumor between her heart and lungs. Enduring 6 months of chemo and 6 weeks of radiation the cancer went into remission. 

Will to Win

At 39, Jill was diagnosed with cancer yet again. This time no chemo and no radiation, just a determination to succeed and get on with her life. She recently competed in the NPC East Coast and placed 2nd in the Figure C Open, and 5th place in Masters Figure 35 Plus. Jill attributes her  "will to win" attitude to the benefits she receives daily in the weight room and her fitness lifestyle. 

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