“Why?” This is a question myriad people ask when they come across many of today’s modern Guinness World Records. 

It seems as though in our current society everybody wants their name somewhere in a record book—and the crazier the feat, the better.

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Strongman Franz Muellner, also known as the “Austrian Rock,” is no different. In the video, attempting to break his own world record for the heaviest weight supported on a person’s shoulder, Muellner gets under a huge steel frame and lifts it up as a helicopter slowly lands on the platform.

Muellner needs to hit 900kg, or 1,984lbs, on the scale before he officially breaks the record, which he seemingly does right before crashing to the ground in exhaustion.

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But, wait—there was a technicality due to the weight load dropping below 450kg during the lift, therefore negating his attempt. 

Well, better luck next time, Franz; but cheer up, mate, because you still hold the record.

Check out his other world record in the video below.