Kirill Tereshin has gone viral for being the proud owner of some of the most ridiculous arms in Russia, if not the world. Tereshin, also known as “Popeye” and “Bazooka Arms,” has built cartoonishly large upper arms thanks to synthol injections, an oil that “bodybuilders” use to add instant size to their physiques. But he’s proven time and again that size doesn’t mean strength, most recently in an MMA fight with a blogger Oleg Mongol, who mopped the floor with Tereshin and his giant biceps in just three minutes.

“Bazooka Arms” got a few shots in at the start, but Mongol, who’s 20 years older, made easy work of him in the end. You can watch the two go at it at in the video below. (Skip to 12:40 for Tereshin and Mongol’s fight.)

The MMA bout against Mongol is Tereshin’s second embarrassing loss this year. Back in May, he took part in a slapping competition at Siberian Power Show 2019 and was apparently knocked out by his opponent, Siberian farmer Vasily Kamotskiy.

While Kamotskiy, aka “The Dumpling,” hardly flinched, Tereshin went down hard. (Skip to 3:25 in the video below to watch the brief confrontation.)

Tereshin has reportedly been trying to raise money to travel to the UK to get his synthol-laden arms fixed, according to Business Insider. There’s no doubt that there can be serious complications from the artificial, at-home muscle enhancement that he’s been using to look bigger, so hopefully he can get it together soon.

In the meantime, we’ll just have to wait and see what his next endeavor will be. Follow Tereshin on Instagram at @ruki_bazuki_official to keep up.