Your muscles don't just look good, they can serve some pretty functional and hilarious purposes, too.

Old Spice, known for its surreal advertising, has come out with another fantastic ad featuring their spokesman, and good friend of Muscle & Fitness, Terry Crews. In it, Crews wires different instruments to his muscles and triggers them every time he flexes. Add that he belts out random phrases like, "internet!" and "flame sax!" to go with his beats, and he makes some seriously catchy music. Maybe you can work out to it. 

Once the video's over, it becomes interactive and you can use your keyboard to manipulate Crews' muscles and make your own Muscle Music. 

Check it out below! And take a look at Heavy's list of failed Old Spice commercial copycats

Crews also did a Q&A session on Reddit, where he said his three favorite workouts for building muscle mass are squats, power cleans and pull-ups. We approve. Check out Crews and his muscles in other hilarious Old Spice ads.