Tom Brady Stars in New Intel Superbowl Commercial

The New England Patriots QB shows us his daily routine in Intel's new Super Bowl ad.

Sure, waking up in the morning sucks, but Tom Brady makes it look epic. Brady stars in Intel’s new commercial promoting their 360-degree technology. The 30-second ad illustrates the New England Patriots quarterback waking up, brushing his teeth, and eating pancakes. I know, it sounds boring, but the new tech makes it oddly entertaining.

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For the first time, during Super Bowl LI, the same Intel 360 replay technology will be used to showcase the player’s point of view from the field. With the help of 38 cameras installed in Houston’s NGR Stadium, the site of this year’s Super Bowl, FOX Sports will be able to show viewers the game in 3D from all angles, according to Intel.

“I’m excited for the potential of this incredibly unique 360 replay technology to transform the viewing experience for sports fans,” said Brady.

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The 3-time Super Bowl Most Valuable Player, might have another shot to add to his ring collection this year, as the New England Patriots take on the Houston Texans this Saturday. Who knows? Maybe we will see Brady again on February 5th in 360 replay, on the commercial and during the game.