Over the past few years, Muscle & Fitness has featured the dedicated training programs of Steve Weatherford. From building bigger legs to sharing valuable workout tips, the former NY Giant punter has always been a source of inspiration for developing a more fit and muscular physique. Although now retired from the NFL, The All-Pro punter’s appeal has continued to flourish thanks to his ever-growing social media presence, and his willingness to help others improve their life through fitness.    

This type of dedication to the community is just one reason why Tommy John, the premium menswear brand, announced today that it has named Weatherford as its first “Man of Substance.” The announcement came as the company launched its new “Men of Substance” campaign to celebrate genuine, independent minded men of all ages who are truly comfortable in their own skin.

“We are inspired by our Tommy John customers, from truckers to sportsmen, pilots to pastors, men who show us everyday what it means to live with integrity,” said Tommy John founder, Tom Patterson. “These Men of Substance care about their families and their communities and they trust their gut and have the confidence to speak their minds. We want to seek out these men and let the world know their efforts have not gone unnoticed.”

The premium menswear Brand Will donate 10 percent of proceeds from a favorite Tommy John item to the charity of each winner’s choice – or to a cause that is important to them. This month 10 percent of the proceeds of Weatherford’s favorite pair of underwear (the Second Skin Boxer Brief), will be donated to the Steve Weatherford World Champion Foundation, a nonprofit that helps young people overcome adversity and learn the skills to lead healthy, productive lives.

“You don’t have to be a sports hero to make a difference in the world,” said Steve Weatherford, Super Bowl champion and former punter of the New York Giants. “You just have to be an everyday hero to your family and in your community. I am so honored to be recognized by Tommy John for that because serving as a role model to others is the most important work I do in my life.”

“There is so much more to Steve Weatherford than who he is on the football field and in the gym. Steve has not been named Tommy John’s ‘Man of Substance’ because of the Super Bowl ring on his finger, but rather for his entrepreneurial spirit, philanthropic heart and his endless devotion to his family and community,” adds Patterson.

Weatherford’s role as Tommy John’s first “Man of Substance,” will also include marketing and social campaigns around the program. In months to come, the campaign will continue to celebrate a series of Tommy John fans and customers who demonstrate a lifestyle that is worthy of the title.

Check out Steve’s latest pitch on Instagram for the chance to score free Tommy John underwear. He calls it, “Trash one to cash one!”