Training Camp With DeMarcus Ware

The Cowboy talks his workouts, rehab and spreading prostate cancer awareness.


Preseason and during the season, when you're working out, what do you focus on when you lift?

When you think about working out, the first thing you think about is it starts in the core, so the first thing I would do is a lot more core stability stuff, do a lot of abs stuff to strengthen what I’m doing—if its squats, power cleans, or if its snatch, whatever workout I’m doing, the first thing you start out with it should be core, so you can be stable when you're working out.

Do you use a weight belt?

No, I could understand why people would use them, but with me if you get your core and back and everything strong enough you don’t have to worry about a belt at all.

How do you train against injury? How do you protect yourself from injury when you're lifting?

I think when you're working out you always need to think about technique, how things should be done, how you should do the proper workout or proper technique and also listen to yourself too. Somebody or a trainer may tell you, this right here is the exact angle you should be at. But guess what? Your body is not going at that angle, so listen to your body. Talking about preventing injury from working out, I think you can use working out to rehabilitate yourself now. With my shoulder, working out gaining your strength back. That actually speeds up your recovery, because you can go through the stem and the laser and the ultrasound, but getting and doing the functional movements can get you over the hump to recover faster.

Did you ever get that kind of push to hard when you were younger and coming up? Did a trainer tell you to do this and you were like I can’t quite do that yet, how do you handle that kind of thing?

You're always going to get people telling you how you should do it this or this should be doing but the thing is whatever you're doing you're giving it your all. Something’s you're not going to be able to lift 400, you're not going to be running a 4-3, but you’ve got to do what you can do and let them push you to a point almost to the breaking point, but guess what? That breaking point might not be the point that they want you to be at, but that’s the point where your body needs to be at. So if he pushes you to that point that’s all you got and don’t worry about what anyone else is saying.