Jim Parsons isn’t a nerd—he just plays one on TV.

The actor has done such a standout job playing Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory, giving a pitch-perfect, multiple Emmy Award-winning portrayal of the theoretical physicist with an aversion to physical activity and sarcasm, that many fans may see Parsons and Cooper as the same person.

Well, prepare to have that notion shattered.

Like many other ultra-ripped celebrity stars, Parsons is very dedicated to keeping himself in shape, working out with celebrity/athletic trainer Ben Bruno to make it happen. (Bruno has worked with big names such as supermodel Kate Upton, Buffalo Sabres star Jack Eichel, actor Casey Affleck, models Nadine Leopold and Barbara Fialho, and NBA player Roy Hibbert.)

Here’s the latest example of Parsons getting shredded in the gym—crushing rope pulls with a sled loaded up with 475 lbs: 

Parsons can handle bigger weight, too.

The actor celebrated New Year’s Eve 2016 with a 725-lb sled push, with Bruno hanging out on top:

Want some more proof that Parsons gets at it in the gym?

Here he is pulling off one-armed sled rows with 400 lbs, and crushing 425-lb sled rows:


Outside of lugging around some heavy weight, Parsons shows off his excellent form when busting out some landmine squats.