The University of Arizona loves spoofing some of Hollywood’s most popular films. They’ve parodied movies like Speed and Gladiator in previous years. But with the college baseball season underway, this year they recreated the famous Spring Training scene from Major League. Might we add, their parody is brilliant.

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In the video, we see Wildcats coach Jay Johnson do his best Lou Brown impression, as the players arrive to training camp one-by-one. If you don’t know anything about the movie Major League, we highly suggest watching the video clip below first to get a full sense of how amazing this parody really is.

It is so amazing that in a twist of irony, Hi Corbett Field, where the Wildcats play, is the exact location used in the movie, and the former training facility for the REAL Cleveland Indians in 1992.

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In fact, almost every detail of the parody is spot on, except for the fact that the Arizona baseball team, unlike the Cleveland Indians as portrayed in the movie, are not scrubs. Last season the Wildcats fell just short of the College World Series title, and according to College Baseball Diary, currently ranks #7 in the country.

Well, let’s hope the Wildcats follow the Hollywood script so they can make it farther this year, and have another shot at the College World Series.

Watch the original movie scene below.