YouTube/WB Kids

John Cena possesses the charisma, strength and sheer tenacity required to be a 15-time WWE champion, but he also leaves himself open for attack by The Rock and the internet. 

It turns out the internet can be quite funny and creative. Several vines and YouTube spoofs of the inspirational powerhouse Cena saving the day in various movies and television shows. 

We’ve collected the 10 best skits on “Super Cena” and assembled them for your viewing pleasure.

10. Cole Sear sees John Cena in “The Sixth Sense”


8. John Cena makes a surprise cameo on BBC show “Eastenders”


7. John Cena is Heisenberg in “Breaking Bad”


6. John Cena saves the day in “Scooby Doo”


5. Bart from “The Simpsons” belts out … John Cena

4. Meg from “Hercules” is Falling in Love with John Cena


3. John Cena is Bruce the shark from “Finding Nemo”


2. Zordon Introduces Cena Ranger

1. Goku from “Dragon Ball Z” summons John Cena