Chad Johnson may have been one of the NFL’s most theatrical players ever, but arguably he also had Hall of Fame talent during his time on the gridiron. And at 40 years old this retired baller hasn’t slowed down, yet. In fact, he’s been pumping some serious iron in the gym as of late.

In an Instagram video posted on Saturday, Johnson absolutely crushed a set of 120-lb dumbbell bench presses. Take a look at the post below, but note that the language is a bit spicy if you’re sitting at your desk in your office.

Mind you: Johnson’s playing weight was under 200lbs, so this set isn’t something every current or retired wide-receiver would be able to knock out with such ease. 


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He also took a light jab at 7-time Mr. Olympia Champ Phil Heath in the video. Heath responded on his Instagram page: “I’m dying from laughing so hard at my dude @ochocinco. Man you need to stop playing and bring ya skinny ass to Denver to breathe some of the high altitude and train with tha champ. I promise you’ll thank me in curse words you’ve never even thought of using lol. One Love Famo! Keep on Pushin!”

It remains to be seen if Johnson can hang with Heath in the gym, but he’s clearly just as strong, if not stronger, than he was during his playing career, during which he had more than 11,000 yards over 11 seasons.

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