Watch: Indian Man Sets Knuckle Pushups World Record

This guy might need some bandages for his fists.

Fists Knuckle Pushups World Record

For Chakkanath Pradeep, it was time to knuckle up.

The Indian painting contractor set the unofficial world record for knuckle pushups in a minute on May 1, according to The Hindu. Pradeep banged out 99 knuckle pushups, beating the record of 91 set by American Ron Cooper back in December 2016.

Previously, the record was set by Cooper, who did 79 knuckle pushups in 2015, before K.J. Joseph from Munnar, India, broke it with 82 reps later that year. Roy Berger of Canada took over the record with 84 reps in June 2016, but that soon was beaten by Manvel Mamoyan of Armenia, who finished with 86 reps in August 2016.

That all paved the way for Cooper to take back his record in December 2016, when he banged out the 91 reps in Massachusetts. Pradeep decided to throw his hat in the ring and went for the record, completing 99 reps of knuckle pushups. While the record has not yet been made official by Guinness World Records, Pradeep sent the video to the organization.

“I had set my eyes on Joseph’s record. But in December last year, Cooper broke that record by doing 91 pushups. Then my objective changed,” Pradeep said to The Hindu.

Here’s Pradeep in action (the Facebook video caption says it’s 105 pushups, but we counted—he did 99):