Watch: Jason Momoa Steals Bruce Willis’ Dog In ‘Once Upon a Time In Venice’ Trailer

Aquaman goes straight-up gangster in what might be the most ridiculous—and hilarious—action-comedy of the year.

Jason Momoa In Once Upon A Time In Venice
Voltage Pictures / YouTube

You’ve never seen Jason Momoa quite like this.

The musclebound actor has ruled the seven seas as Aquaman in Justice League. He's led a horde of Dothraki warriors as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones. He's even navigated the weird bodybuilding gym in dystopian Texas in The Bad Batch.

Now, he’s ready to go gangster.

In the new trailer for the action-comedy Once Upon a Time in Venice, Momoa leads a group of gangsters who steal a dog from Los Angeles private eye Steve Ford (Bruce Willis). This being Willis—and, more specifically, an action movie starring Willis—he’s going to have to shoot his way through L.A., John Wick-style, to get his dog back:

Even though this movie is a Willis vehicle, Momoa steals the show as “Spider,” a gang leader with a taste for banana walnut muffins. (Who knew Momoa had such comedic chops?)

The cast is rounded out with some very strong supporting players, including John Goodman as Ford’s friend and muscle; Thomas Middleditch as Ford’s assistant; Kal Penn as a business owner; and Kevin Breznahan as a beach bum.

This may not be as weird-looking as The Bad Batch, but it sure looks fun.

Once Upon a Time in Venice will be released on June 16, 2017.