Beware: The clip below contains graphic imagery. Please take caution before watching. 

There are countless ways a fighter can be seriously injured during an MMA bout. Ironically in this case, the cause of this gruesome injury was a routine leg kick, which is typically a move to manipulate the mobility of a fighter, or simply set up a larger combination or maneuver. 

In the case of Jonathan King, that completely backfired when his kick landed flush on his opponent Chris Williams’s knee. The collision caused an instant snap, but King didn’t even realize he was injured until he attempted to put his right leg on the ground again, leading to it completely giving out.

The fight was on January 6 as an undercard match for American Kombat Alliance’s Rite of Passage 6According to the fighting promotion, “Jonathan King just got out of recovery this morning. The doctor said surgery to set the leg went really well. Physical therapy starts tomorrow morning and he should be cleared to travel home this week.”