We've got some cool stuff going on at the Muscle & Fitness booth at the Olympia this week. Olympia attendees won't be able to miss our booth—it's right at the entrance to the expo—where it should be! So, come say "Hi". You'll never know who's there. Could be someone from our esteemed staff, like senior editors Joe Wuebben and Matt Tuthill, online editor Ian Cohen, EIC Shawn Perine, or, if you're really lucky, the most beautiful M&Fer of them all, Vanessa Tib!

Below are the signs we'll have up in our booth for our contests, giving you the chance to win cool prizes, or maybe even appear on the pages of Muscle & Fitness magazine!


Want to be in our magazine?

Then step right up…

Here's how, in 5 easy steps!

1. Stand in front of the blank cover.

2. Have a friend (or total stranger) take your photo.

3. Starting September 27, upload your photo and info to muscleandfitness.comhttps://www.muscleandfitness.com/. Contest closes October 15th, 2012.

4. Tell your friends, family, and the stranger who took your photo to vote for you.

5. 3 winners will be announced on October 19th on muscleandfitness.com.

Now, say "Cheese!"


Are you Strong? Prove it!

Perform One of the Following Feats

and win an

M&F drawstring Bag!

• Perform 5 pull-ups 

• Perform 10 dips

• Close a HeavyHands 150-lb. gripper


Are you Really Strong?

Perform One of the Following Feats

and win an

M&F Duffel Bag!

• Perform 20 pull-ups 

• Perform 25 dips

• Close a HeavyHands 250-lb. gripper