The WWE took time at the start of last night’s Raw in Birmingham, Alabama, to pay tribute to the Ultimate Warrior, who passed away last week only a few days after being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and just hours after making an emotional appearance at last week’s Raw.

“The Ultimate Warrior has stood the test of time, he’s part of history,” says Hulk Hogan in the video tribute. The montage then plays some of the speech that Ultimate Warrior gave just one week ago at Raw and follows it with some of the touching words he said about being a father during his Hall of Fame Induction speech.

After the montage the Ultimate Warrior was given a ten count, then a minute’s silence and finally a sustained ovation from everyone in the building that culminated in chants of “Warrior, Warrior, Warrior.”

There were some nice tweets to remember the man over the course of the evening

R.I.P. Warrior.