Less than a week after John Cena brought down the house at the ESPY’s, he will have another chance to make his mark on live television.

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On July 19 at 8 pm ET on USA Network, SmackDown will air live for the first time in its 882 episodes. However, tonight’s program won’t be a typical live show. Instead of featuring fights, the WWE will hold a draft between the executives at Monday Night Raw and SmackDown. And the executives are not who you would think….

Daniel Bryan will be calling the shots for SmackDown, while Mick Foley will be tasked with determining the fate of Monday Night Raw. Since the draft has the potential to completely shake up the two shows’ rosters, creating new story lines, heroes, villains and tensions, these two WWE legends have little room for error.

Can’t wait until 8 pm? Don’t worry. WWE Network will also air a SmackDown Live Pre-Show, which airs at 7 pm ET, hosted by Renee Young and former WWE stars Booker T, Lita and Corey Graves.

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After tonight, both SmackDown and Raw will make the full transition to live broadcasts: SmackDown on Tuesdays and Raw on Mondays.