Carmella may not have the title anymore, but that doesn’t mean the Smackdown’s Women’s Championship Division has gone back to status quo.

During Summerslam, Becky Lynch shocked the WWE Universe by attacking her best friend Charlotte Flair after Flair won the championship. On Smackdown last week, Lynch explained her actions, telling the crowd that she deserved the title far more than Flair, who had entered the match at the last minute.

This week, Flair had her mandated rematch against Carmella for the title. The bout felt surprisingly even, with Carmella keeping the fight competitive throughout. Charlotte ultimately trapped Carmella in her patented figure-eight submission for the victory.

But Charlotte’s win was short-lived. As the clearly winded Charlotte held up her championship belt, Lynch came up behind her and delivered a flurry of blows.

After finishing her beat-down on Charlotte, Lynch grabbed the microphone and delivered a message: “When I get my way, come Hell in a Cell, I’m taking my title back…you bitch.

We’d say the messagecame through crystal clear. Will Lynch’s new ruthless persona give her an upper hand against “The Queen?” We’ll find out next month at Hell in a Cell.