Bookend flights with exercise

This is especially important when you change time zones, as exercise helps combat jet lag and travel stress, and reset hormone imbalances that occur during long flights.

Time your pre-flight workout so it finishes up close to when you plan to leave for the airport. Once you arrive, work out as soon as you’ve unpacked and settled in. A good sweat session will replenish your energy levels and reset your circadian rhythm.


Airplane food—if it’s served at all—rarely earns rave reviews, so plan to eat a filling yet nutritious meal before takeoff and be sure to pack a shaker cup and protein powder, like Performix’s on-the-go Iridium Native Iso Wheyi+ packets, which you can get in six-count boxes.

In-flight, have the protein shake. Another option: Stock up on new Performix Protein Wafers, which provide 13g of protein and are easy to stash in your carry-on.

That way you can also pass up the dry sandwich at the airport—and keep the $15 in your pocket.

Stretch it out

If you’re stuck in the air or on the road for hours, get out of your seat (or pull into a rest stop) and get in a quick stretch. This promotes blood flow to muscles and tissues, and prevents fatigue and tightness. On airplanes, I’m constantly stretching out in the aisle. My favorite stretches: the half-kneeling hip  flexor stretch with lateral flexion; a Y press-out with chest stretch; and the calf and hamstring steps stretch.

Hit a delay? Get in a workout.

Nothing can wreck your mood like a long wait at an airport. But you can make killing time less miserable by exercising: Put on your backpack and headphones, crank up the tunes, pick up your carry-on (if you have one), and do single-arm farmer’s walks. I go back and forth, switching hands occasionally, from one end of the terminal to the other (bypassing those moving walkways, of course).

Trust me. Do 20 minutes of this for every hour you’re stuck at the airport, and the little bit of cardio, core stabilization, and grip work it provides will make the time go a lot faster.

Stay active

Once you’ve arrived, stay active! Skip taxis—instead, walk, run, or bike around the city you’re visiting. If you’re in the mountains, hike. If you’re at the beach, swim and surf. Health benefits aside, you’ll get more out of any trip this way.

Plus, these activities break up the monotony of your normal routine, which can be stimulating and relaxing. 

Be prepared

New Performix Protein Wafers are available in four flavors: Chocolate Peanut Butter, Fruity Charms, Chocolate Mint, and Vanilla Peanut Butter. Available at GNC.